About Feather & Diversify

Hi! I’m Feather.

I am a 39-year-old Black woman, a mom, and I’m transitioning to a career in science.

I grew up wanting to be a pathologist, but like many of us, my path went in a different direction.

When I learned about the microscopy and histotechnology certificate programs at Merritt College in Oakland, CA, I enrolled in classes the following semester without hesitation.

I am now in the Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy Program and work on microscopes with amazing imaging capabilities. I am also in the final, semester of the advanced histotechnology program where I have learned how to process biopsy tissue, cut the tissue into thin slices (5 microns), mount it onto slides, and stain it so that the structures of the tissue can be seen by a pathologist and used for disease diagnosis.

These are my goals through Diversify the Scope:

  1. Visit as many labs as I can already fit into my insanely busy schedule and learn about the research being done in the labs
  2. Get advice from scientists
  3. Attend networking events and share info
  4. Become knowledgeable in diversity in science
  5. Bring science into the lives of more black children, boys and girls. They are the future of addressing the health issues of people of color.

My personal goals are to continue to build my science education and eventually get a PhD. I have a professor who confirms my goal is a PhD as nonchalantly as one would confirm if I wanted a sandwich for lunch. You know PhDs. They’re just handing them out. But, yes, that’s the goal.